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Simple Ways To Monetize And Promote Your Music

Even though there are still those who are not ready to admit it, the days of paying to hear recorded music are all but over. To hear some music these days, all we have to do is make a few taps or clicks. But, does that mean music artists are going to be left without a dime? Well, not quite.

If you are a musician, who wants to promote their music to the level of Rihanna’s, one of the best selling artists of the 21st century, you will simply have to adapt to the modern landscape of music industry and distribution. To help you out with that, we will show you some of the best and most intuitive ways to promote and monetize your music.

Monetizing your music

Sell your music at live shows

When performing live your newest recordings, don’t forget to tellKNDSKVLNLAKNDVLKNASLDKVNASLKDNVLKASDNVLKSANDV your audience which album those recordings are on. Also, make sure to remind them that they can purchase that album right there on the spot. For an even more lucrative move, try to make some contests. For example, you should promise an album giveaway for the first couple of people from the audience that sign up on your email list. Once you get your contest winners, don’t forget to remind your audience that they can still purchase your album right there.

Try to get the venue to promote your value

If you regularly perform at places such as local coffee shops, which typically do not pay their performers, you probably know that the main income there comes from sales and tips. With this in mind, don’t hesitate to ask the venue owners to promote a minimum suggested donation for your musical performance, as well as other performances. This will not only promote your show but also allow you to make some money as the majority of patrons will come to enjoy music at their favorite coffee shop, to support the performing artists.

Avoid big labels

Due to the digital music boom that took place a few years ago, pretty much any music artist can distribute their music, not only those that have contracts with big labels. As a result, you don’t have to split your royalties or spend your entire promotion budget. To do this efficiently, make sure to post your music on major online music platforms, such as Apple Music or iTunes. This will make your music available to your fans, wherever they may be. Of course, you should not expect any significant royalties, but it will nevertheless give you a means of promoting your music and slowly growing your fan base in an organic way.

Also, don’t forget that making playlists is crucial in this modern digital music era. The online platforms we mentioned earlier will recommend your music even to those users who have never heard about you or your music before. And, these users will most likely become your fans, who will purchase your albums, buy tickets for your shows, as well as stream your music.

Establish a strong fan base

jskadbvkjaskdbvkjasbdvjkabsdvjbkasjbvkjasdvasLast, but not least, remember that money should not be your primary concern. Instead, it should be your fan base. Your hardcore fans will truly love your music and fully support you in pretty much any way they can. Therefore, make sure to establish strong relationships with them, by talking with them via social media or meeting them face-to-face. Keep in mind that without your fans, there will be no one who will buy your albums, as well as concert tickets.…

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Benefit of public transportation

With a lot of increase in global warming, we need all hands on deck to find working solutions, both long and short term. Some of the best solutions we have seen so far include the use of renewable energy and introduction of engines that are more efficient. However, one other solution that seems to be overlooked a lot is reducing the number of fuel powered vehicles on our roads.

In developed countries like the US and UK, the majority of the public have personal vehicles, compared to developing nations. However, everyone still manages to get to where they want in both countries. This is where public transportation comes in.

Here are some of the common modes of public transportation

-Taxi (Shared)
-Trolleys and light rail
-Commuter trains
-Cable cars
-Ferries and water taxis

Advantages of public transportation

Affordablelafds lk fld lbsdlblkdfkbnkldsfbklndsflkbnlkdsfbdsf

In general, public transportation is much cheaper, which is beneficial to the consumers. Compared to fueling your vehicle, and moving from point A to B, you can use public transportation, a bus or van, and pay a fraction of what it cost to fuel the car. The main idea of public transportation is sharing resources, and that enables the whole operation to be affordable.

Better for the environment

When you use public transportation, it means that there are lesser cars on the roads, hence lesser emissions into the environment, and slowed down global warming. This is a short term solution, but none the less good for the environment.

Good for health

Global warming doesn’t only affect our environment; it also affects our health. If we can reduce the number of vehicles on the road, it means that less harmful fumes will the going into the air, hence fresh air for everyone to breathe. This will reduce health complications and illnesses that affect the breathing system, both for humans and animals.

Reduces road accidents

Most traffic accidents are usually caused by personal vehicles. This is because most public vehicle drivers are professionally trained, and take their jobs seriously. So, if more people start using public transportation, the number of accidents will significantly drop and make the roads much safer.

Reduces road congestion

Nobody likes traffic, and the reason why we have so much traffic is that everyone is driving. Imagine people in a bus that carries 60 passengers versus all the 60 passengers driving their vehicles. You can tell that the bus helps reduce road congestion by a lot.

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Buying furniture for your home

No home is complete without furniture, imagine how awkward that would be. Furniture is necessary; besides, it plays a huge role in making your home unique and comfortable. Be it a dining table, or a lawn chair, you will certainly be shopping for furniture. In this post, we will be looking at some of the basic furniture, and some general tips to help you buy the best.

Must have basic furniture

Before we look at some tips to help you get the best furniture, here are some of the basic furniture that you should have in your home.


A couch or a full sofa set is a must to ensure that your home is comfortable. They also serve as the perfect place for your guest or friends to sleep on when they visit you.

Coffee table

By all means, make sure that you get a coffee table. As the name suggests, you will need a place to serve, especially your guests, some coffee. Also, as it is not limited to just coffee, it is the perfect furniture to serve other foods too. Simply put, you will need a coffee table.

Dining table and chairs

Particularly for a family home, a dining table and chairs is a must have. This is simply self-explanatory. Especially if you have kids, it is important that they have a place to eat from, where they can be messy and free to eat.


To keep your home organized, you have to make sure that you have enough bookshelves to store all your books. This is also a good system to ensure that all your books are easily accessible.

Stand for TV

Given that a TV is a must have for every modern home, it is crucial to have a stand for it. This will ensure that it is easily viewable and safely positioned.

What to look for when buying furniture


The design of every furniture should be carefully examined to make sure that it is brilliant, and will not look out of place when placed in a room.


Be realistic with colors, make sure that it matches other furniture in your home.


lknslknvalkndslkvnlksandlvknsaldknvasdvThe first thing that you have to look for is a material that is durable and well treated. Given that most furniture is made of wood, it is crucial that you get hardwoods. Treatment is necessary because even after the wood has been converted into a finished good, it can still be consumed by some pests.…

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Bruce Anderson: Liar Unlimited

Liar Unlimited

The lurid history of Bruce Anderson and
the Anderson Valley Advertiser

Cartoon by Fred Harper

By Mike Sweeney

Imagine my surprise when I noticed the December 31, 2003 issue of the Anderson Valley Advertiser – as interesting as the beautiful frogtown lofts savannah. Spread across the front page was a giant headline, “I was a Communist for the FBI,” followed with, “By Mike Sweeney as told to Bruce Anderson.”

Since I hadn’t spoken to Bruce Anderson for five years, and then only long enough to hang up the phone, it was apparent that he was attempting yet another shameless hoax. The phony first-person article went on and on for thousands of words, presenting an intricate first-person fantasy that had me “confessing” to about a dozen felonies. Nowhere in the paper was there a hint that the article was contrived by Bruce Anderson himself without the slightest input from me or the slightest connection to reality.

Apparently, the impact of this brazen hoax article failed to meet Anderson’s hopes. So he produced another one the following week, under banner headline, “I bombed Judi Bari,” again with the attribution, “By Mike Sweeney as told to Bruce Anderson.” And again not a hint that the article and its lurid details were made up out of thin air.

Still unsatisfied, Anderson struck again the following week with “Judi Bari Tells All,” prefaced with an “Editor’s Note” claiming Judi Bari, through her executor Darlene Comingore, left him the following letter with a “strict instruction that it not be made public until five years after her death.” Naturally, Judi did no such thing, and neither did Judi ever say, believe or do what was attributed to her in the fabricated article that followed.

The reaction to this tripled-headed hoax was predictable. The legitimate media studiously ignored him, as did long-time residents of Mendocino County who knew Bruce Anderson’s habits. Some of his gullible readers, however, actually took the articles at face value, and became quite excited until more sober folks illuminated for them Bruce Anderson’s bizarre 20-year history of hoax, lies and insults.

Bruce Anderson’s weekly inventions are the main feature of his Anderson Valley Advertiser , which is a kind of small-time National Enquirer without the photos. The Anderson Valley Advertiser was an innocent country weekly until 1984, when Anderson bought it and turned it into an opinion journal. He explained: “I’ve always viewed the newspaper as a political weapon.” (Los Angeles Times 2/14/96).

Almost immediately, Anderson provoked an advertiser boycott in the small town of Boonville, the hub of rural Anderson Valley in Mendocino County. Outraged local residents made an effort to start a competing Anderson Valley newspaper designed to take away his local readership. The Anderson Valley Advertiser (AVA) survived by cultivating subscriptions throughout Northern California and beyond from people who liked off-beat political attacks, clever insults, and outrageous gossip.

For decades, Anderson has shown he will deliberately lie in order sell papers, settle scores, or just abuse people for his own pleasure. And when the printed word has proven to be an inadequate weapon, he has resorted to threats of violence and actual physical assault.

The key to the AVA’s survival has been to attract attention—any attention, by any means necessary, including just making things up.

The first big hoax hit on February 3, 1988, when Anderson published a long front-page interview with local Congressman Doug Bosco. To give the “interview” more credibility, it was represented as a transcription of a tape recorded session with David Yepson, a prominent reporter with the Des Moines Register.

The phony interview quoted Congressman Bosco as insulting his own constituents who opposed offshore oil drilling. They were “mostly a bunch of easily stirred-up know-nothing malcontents who couldn’t care less about anything other than their beautiful ocean and where their next joint is coming from,” Bosco was quoted. The interview contained numerous other insults and …

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