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Reasons Why Coffee Become Everyone’s Favorite

Coffee becomes a precious treasure of many substances that play a very important role in maintaining our general well-being. Many components offer many health benefits. Therefore, many people stated that coffee and happiness are related. It is because while drinking a coffee, it can give you a sense of joy. Therefore, people who coffee lovers tend to choose coffee instead of other drink kinds. It is because nothing can’t beat a cup of coffee, which gives many advantages for them.

coffee beans

Substances of Coffee

There is a chemical that repels us when we are tired. In other words, even if you choose coffee, caffeine interferes with adenosine receptors, the chemical that promotes sleep, and prevents you from sleeping. Thus, it affects you to stay awake if you are drinking coffee.

Once the adenosine receptors are blocked, does the human body have no choice but to release its stimulants – dopamine and glutamate – both chemicals control man’s sense of well-being, which can only be released under certain conditions. That’s why a cup of coffee is the ideal catalyst to start the formation of hormones in your mind.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Besides making you happy, coffee can offer a wide range of excellent health benefits thanks to the chemicals and elements we have just seen today. Coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants, reducing health risks such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. coffee and happy

It should be noted that the amount of antioxidants varies from one article to another. For example, pure black coffee contains the highest level of antioxidants compared to the decaffeinated version. Besides, caffeine is much more immune to the brain, making it resistant to aging, stress, and neurological disorders.

Prevent Depression

Coffee can prevent you from depression. It can be stated based on reliable data. It usually means that your coffee cup can be your best friend in avoiding encephalitis because of the large number of antioxidants it contains. It is one of those effects that all people have, actually the reason why many people have fallen upside down in coffee. The moment we drink a cup of hot coffee, we feel energized, alive, and awake.

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, keeps you anxious and alert, and the feeling of drowsiness and nausea disappears when you drink coffee. So if you want to spend a night out due to a heavy workload, the state encourages you with a cup of hot coffee.

Advice on Coffee Consumption

cup of coffeeRegardless of the advantages, it would help if you understood the general consumption. It would be best if you remembered that everything’s too much is not good. It applied to the consumption of coffee also. So the next time you drink a cup of coffee, find out if your bean has been lightly or darkly roasted. Therefore, it can benefit you and didn’t interfere with your sleep rhythms.

If you are a fitness fanatic, we have some great information for you. Of all the coffees on the market today, we recommend hot black coffee without additives – sugar, sweetener, syrup, cream, or milk – to get the most out of your caffeine.

In conclusion, there are many benefits that you can get from drinking coffee. However, you need to know the good coffee consumption and what kind of coffee is very suitable for your body. Therefore, it won’t cause you any issues in the future.…

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Benefits of Using Electric Bikes

People who ride electric bikes understand the hidden advantages that it offers. Riding these bikes such as fat tire ebikes on the roads is now very easy; riding electric bikes is similar to facilitate. It has several benefits other than giving us the ease to travel. Of course, it will also help you save money and can also be very positive for the environment, but it will also bring you a satisfied and self-made individual in an indescribable way.

Mental Well-Being

Structure and conduction is an excellent treatment, no matter how great or terrible the disease you enter. Today depression and anxiety are the mysterious keepers of souls that no one talks about. Suicide rates are more crucial than ever in modern times. These are incredible for everyone’s mental health, and in light of this fact, they offer you another alternative to relax inside and watch a movie.

Everlasting Youth

seniorAs you get older, they take away your bike snack, and perhaps, strangely enough, they also take away your desire to grow old. These bikes are like a magical fountain of youthfulness serum. When you travel to different places, you feel like a fusion of youthful cycling and the first time you drive a car. You feel endless about where you can go and what you can see. Since these bikes can give the feeling of being young, everyone can feel youthful when riding electric bikes,

Physical Health

Riding electric bikes is a fantastic exercise that will allow you to stay fit and physically healthy. Riding these bikes is so exciting that it is far from hard to forget that you are moving, like when you are playing. These are fun to do, so it does not remind you that you are doing it for exercise.

trail parkEasy Access

On an electric bike, you can ride on the bike path; no one has to know more in secret. It is further likely that you will see specific areas that could match from tiring climbs to get there. Electric bikes can help you get to spot that you are not used to going.


Even if you drive it, you can form a gifted group or acquire companions and neighbors to buy it and take you on your weekend trips. In almost any situation, riding an electric bike with a company or set of organizations is a satisfying social ordeal to create lifelong memories and relationships that can be remembered with great affection.…

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Tips When Selecting Furniture for Your Office

Finding the best chair or furniture is not an easy task since many furniture selections are on the market with various designs, whether for office or housing application. It is extremely crucial to carefully consider the style of furniture and accessories suitable for your workplace. Owning the perfect furniture can lead to significant advantages, such as an aesthetically pleasing workplace, an overtime working environment, a motivated workforce, increased employee productivity, and better health. Moreover, a workplace furnished with fantastic furniture can make a wonderful first impression on your customers and partners. The following are hints in selecting the best office furniture. In addition to this, Upscale Living Magazine explains how to choose best chair from Herman Miller.


Browse Through the Different Types

They are quite alike, except that they can be tilted and moved according to the customer’s needs. A chair with only one lever, for example, allows you to increase or decrease the number of seats according to your needs. two-lever chair add the ability to adjust the angle of the backrest. A three-lever chair enables you to tilt the seat for optimal convenience. Therefore, read some reviews about the chairs for your understanding before choosing the particular type.

Understand the Importance of the Chairs

The capability to accurately adjust the position of a chair with various special levers allows the user of an ergonomic chair many advantages, some of which are very noticeable, and others may be less noticeable. First, with an ergonomic chair with two or more three levers, it is possible to change seats to offer the best possible service. Also, ergonomic office chairs can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome by allowing you to have longer writing sessions at your desk. Solid but comfortable office chairs are better for your spine and posture and to avoid long-term back problems.


Know Your Budget

It is essential to know how much you can afford or be happy to invest in your furniture. If you look around for a while, you will probably find many different furniture pieces available at different prices. However, it would be best if you were careful not to choose your furniture only based on price because quality products are available at a great price. Be ready to stay a little longer to discover excellent furniture that can stand the test of time. As a result, you can save a lot of money in the long term, saving on repair or replacement costs.

Know Your Office Space


Before choosing furniture, you should inspect the living area from the office. Ascertain whether you have a small or large office space. Smaller offices use bright, slim, multifunctional furniture that can maximize space, while larger offices offer more space for larger furniture that takes up more space. Furthermore, it is equally important to know the number of rooms in your company and your software. This way will allow you to choose the furniture that best suits your business. The front workstation is best served by tables with mirrors, although meeting rooms may require tables and seating suitable for the meeting room. Recreational areas can be furnished with contemporary furniture such as coffee chairs, sofas, and stools.

Understand Your Time Constraints

Decide on a period when you have time to adapt to the new table, especially if your business is still available on weekends. Companies that give their employees free time on weekends can schedule the installation within this period. If your company works 24 hours a day, easy to install furniture is a more desirable choice.…

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The Best Ideas for Promotional Business Giveaways

In promotional items, there is a wide range of options to help you promote your business. Wherever you go, you will find people who will tell you that you need something. You can create DIY christmas cards and other season giveaways to make a great impact on your company. It would be best if you have a logo design in your business cards. This promotional item component probably has the widest range of gifts, from desk baskets to brood balls. Every office worker has a desk and usually has two or three of these types of facilities on their desk at any one time.

Promotional Pens

These are undoubtedly the hottest promotional items. Only you will discover many options both in terms of cost and style. At the end of the cheap market, you will find cheap pens, like the popular pens, which are also available in various colors to suit most manufacturers. Other options include the modern and colorful transparent pen.


Promotional Cup

There are cups next to the pens, no doubt everyone uses one, usually a couple of times a day for tea or coffee, but are there many options? Yes, this is the short answer, no doubt, you will discover the famous cups, but you will always find new cups, such as the great chalk cup, which can be written with chalk and is very fun in the office. Another recent innovation is the cup engraved with this type of radical finish that can last longer than its length.

Promotional Clothing

In this region of promotional items, which has become a great success, many companies choose corporate uniforms because they serve two purposes: They give pride and individuality to the company’s employees and allow them to stand out from the general public. Second, it keeps costs down for the employee because they should not want to pay for work clothes. The types of companies with pajamas are varied and include carriers, airlines, retail companies, and manufacturing companies.

Promotional Bag

businessOne of the very functional advertising products that can be found today is that their popularity depends on the simple truth that they are a very sensible thing, have a very good brand positioning, and last quite a while. You will find many bags, perhaps the most popular are laptop bags. These bags are a very important factor for people in business nowadays to carry their laptop and files. Other popular bags are the promotional gift bags used in their tens of thousands of sports clubs, schools, and colleges as promotional gifts to attract new business and give students the company’s logo or emblem or school with the full band. They are ideal for conventions and festivals, as well as general business promotions.


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Factors to Consider Before Hiring an iOS App Development Company

To create a great application, you must involve a lot of work. There are many successful apps available today in the market. An example of such app is AppValley app. It is the leading app store for premium apps and games. It is not enough to recognize a program to contact an application development company to get your goods. You have to make a choice. You need to be able to describe your needs when you select them. This may be possible if you understand what technologies and skills are required in order to complete the evolutionary process.

Clear Ideas

This is a step before the beginning of making. You must have the idea of the purpose of the app. It is important to know if the program is able to handle the problems. This is the time to experience in-depth market research, understand what is available in the industry, and your market.


This is an important point where you prepare basic work. It is about optimizing your thoughts and getting advice from a developer on system performance. This phase includes feasibility and scope analysis, for example, functionality and specifications.


It is about designing an application architecture that demonstrates much more and shows the consumer’s choice. During wireframing, it’s nice to be in touch with the designer because the process includes UX and UI design. This way, you can get an idea of how your iOS program will work.


Hand It is normal that every developer wants to perfect the application. A programmer is responsible for submitting your application. Attract customer feedback and use the user interface tools to improve it. Use more cartoons and graphics to define the visibility of your program. The designer is responsible for developing an appropriate design prototype.

This is one of the most important aspect in developing an app. Make sure that the design can attract people.The application design department is currently developing plans for the start of the growth phase. The advantage of the program architecture is that it stops as soon as it grows.


At this stage, various complications can arise due to a feedback loop between the developer. At this age, both designs of your iOS application were created simultaneously. Besides, the interface and server utilities are different. Within this timeframe, you’ll use encryption to determine what role your program will play.


Apps The main objective of the test phase is to guarantee the quality of the final product. If you are looking to purchase an iOS application, you should know that the acceptance procedure is strict. This is the evaluation phase. It is essential to double check details before testing the app.

Your developers are responsible for creating the final product error and making sure that the final product works. The iPhone application is tested on various devices such as Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, etc. This is the step that can reveal if you have to do it all over again or not. Make sure that you have read every detail needed.…

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Affiliate marketing

Tips for Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing is the easiest and cheapest method. Since there is a wide range of applications that address the problem, someone should be careful, and the reality is this: If you take your time, study, and have patience, you will find programs designed to give you the lifestyle you dream of. A 2020 Guide to Business Opp Affiliate Marketing says that affiliate marketing can be a great opportunity for company promotions


How Does It Work?

The core of affiliate advertising is that it is a business opportunity that promotes the company through Internet affiliate programs. This opportunity consists of bringing your products to the industry or participating in an ongoing program to find an intermediary and promote other people’s products online. Each time a purchase is made, a commission is paid, following the affiliate program’s instructions. This is a mutually beneficial agreement that rewards you for making the process easier. In return, you will receive a commission, taking into account that the goods are sold.

A significant advantage of the business form is that you can enter without an item, have a website, write sales calls, deal with transport and storage problems, or dissatisfied customers. The owners of the items can do all this. The affiliation part consists of directing visitors to the product owners’ websites. Affiliate marketing on the Internet with any company requires effort, trial, and error, but above all, dedication. There is not just one person.

How Do You Start?

Many facts and system guides can help entrepreneurs. However, I strongly recommend building a website and Sitesell.com It! the solution stops. If there is more than one income opportunity, a service product is successful. It is the object of its kind. The product is great for your campaign manager, who wants to be the beginner of affiliate marketing or make money. You have created a website, and you expect to make an income from it, then it is time to offer it to you.

It works the same way you create a website, but besides, it works so that customers find your product or service the best way to drive traffic to your website. The result is a certain degree of maturity. The application is that your commitment is to help people who want to make a living, which is clear on the Build It. The website is that you are committed to helping people who want to make a living. They emphasize the idea of building lasting and concrete business relationships. The mass of corporate sites is full of discount packages and features for their solutions, not much help in building a business.

It has helped the locals, there are more than one hundred million entrepreneurs in the plains, and they have been building their business for at least a decade. All you want to do is sign up for the amazing affiliate marketing position if you want to understand affiliate marketing and learn how to succeed.…

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The History of Tanos

For those who have watched The Avengers movie sequels, might already familiar with a character named Tanos. He is described with his divine power and almost unbeaten. many people are left in curiosity with questions such as who is Tanos?, where is he from?, why is he so powerful? and many more. This article will help you know him better.

Who Is Tanos?

thanos fight

Tanos is Mentor’s son, the Titan eternal. Mentor was known Alars, Zuras’ intelectual brother. Zuras is the leader of all of the Eternals on Earth. After their father, Kronos, was taken to virtual Godhood in a cosmic accident, Zuras left Alars alone. Alars went exploring the galaxy and then settled onto the hollow moon of Saturn named Titan. With his collegue, Sui San, he built a new civilization.

They both had two sons, Eros and Tanos. Eros was fair. On the other hand, Tanos, who was born with a gene disorder and appeared different from all of the Titans. Tanos was left alone and distant and made up a philosophy of death and nothingness. Tanos grew bigger and stronger. Then, Titan punished and exiled Tanos for creating a deadly weapon in a peaceful society.

After he had left Titan, he just grew and became notorious. When he returned to Titan hundreds of years later, he even committed a massacre by murdering thousands, including his own mother.

Mentor knew his son was dangerous and petitioned Kronos to take him down. He used his might to create a being composed from an earth man’s soul and the earth. This being was indestructible and was named Drax the Destroyer. Drax was ordered for only one thing: Killing Tanos.

Why Is Tanos Dangerous?

The Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, and Drax the Destroyer are Tanos’ four biggest obstacles. Every time he comes up with a scheme, unfortunately all of these heroes have been taken down by Tanos, leaving Captain Marvel alone as the only who managed to escape from death.

Since he returned from Death, Tanos had gained a number of small victories by waging campaigns. As he realized that he has become omnipotent, Tanos concluded that the only way he could feel almighty of that power is to do it the rude way. Each victory he has had has been vital and decisive.

It took centuries for Tanos to build up his body and mind. His strength is incredibly out-standing. And he has the charisma to command his huge armies to do all what he tells them to do. The armies worship him as the Almighty God.

The thing about Tanos to remember is that he is not only physically powerful opponent, but also an ingenius as well as rude schemer who will never stop before he achieves his goals.


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Tips to Extend Your Dog’s Life Expectancy

Don’t worry too much: the healthy life of a puppy is 10 to 15 decades when you bring home a new one. Many dogs live much longer, so you should find out what you can do to keep them healthy as your pet grows. His genetics partly determines a puppy’s life, and the future isn’t carved in stone. How you care about new puppies will make a big difference. The sooner you start, the sooner some of these changes will begin immediately.

Keep Your Dog Thin

Give your puppy a homemade diet, check your weekly newspaper, and see what you find. It’s hard to estimate the life expectancy of many dogs even more so if the puppy is a cross or a registered one. It’s based on the background, weight, and size of a pet. If your puppy can be a laboratory cross and looks like a laboratory cross, for example, it will be just over ten years old. If your pet is a cross-bred toy poodle, you might be able to run a business that could be fantastic. Leave a description of him in case you need help.


Studies on people’s sense of well-being show that they live longer. Not only do they fatigue their heart and joints, but they also have lower insulin levels, which may be the reason for their lifestyle. They had diseases in old age. Overweight dogs breed their joints because they tend to do so and grow. While a puppy may have difficulty lying down or urinating, an older dog with arthritis may not show any signs.

Feed Them with Good Quality Diet

Feeding your pet could be helped by a good quality diet if he stays longer, but there is no evidence of this. Pet food is not controlled, like food, once a company decides to make a claim, and no one can avoid it. None of the dog food that is provided to allow your pet to be examined. Because dry food often consists of corn and other carcinogens, some dog breeders and rescue organizations are pushing a diet. A diet without bones and meat will meet your needs.

Feed Them Raw Bones

By feeding raw bones as part of this diet, one can stay away from growing diseases into old age. When they become systemic, they can lead to a lifelong condition that occurs in almost all dogs fed dry food. If your pet has been brushed, it should be cleaned of bones when fed and annually.

Give Them Vegetarian Dog Food

dog treatsSince dogs cope well with many types of food, it is good to feed your pet; however, you want. It was a cross that was supplied with a cross. What’s wrong with the tests is that we don’t know how long it would have lived on a different feeding program, even if it had been 27 years old. I’ve seen puppies fed a malnutrition diet, and it’s a great idea. So if you’re against feeding your pet animal protein that might be an alternative, you’ll find vegetarian dog food.

As pain doses increase, and they decrease. It is essential to use supplements, keeping in mind that fatty acids are present in some parts of the diet along with fish oil and salad. If your pet is on a diet, some of these plant foods contain higher amounts of carbohydrates. I give my dog acerola. This fruit provides a large number of available vitamin C. I allow my dogs to eat all the horse manure they want to keep healthy, but if this is not possible to give your pet food supplements.…

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Inbound Marketing for Business Companies

Along with technological improvements, there has been some change. Business opportunities are available to everyone on the Internet. Countless potential and outsourcing to a call answering service existing customers can be reached in an instant. Every day that passes, corporate networking is easy and convenient. It has been reduced through funding is. The promotion and convincing results are used to get people on time and cost-effectively.

Making Offers and Advertising

It works with all kinds of people, while advertising works with people who are interested in the product, making offers for marketing the product. It is to get their attention. And convince them that you are offering is much better than what their opponents are offering because they are looking for something better. The customer is interested, is to convince them to buy your products or use the services because, compared to affiliate marketing, you don’t have to interest your customer from the beginning. This strategy offers excellent results to help them improve their business and can be used by companies.

hand writing

Marketing and Sales Company

Starting a marketing and sales company is one of them. Useful and accurate results can be achieved if you invest, even if the services are available. Every company that is in business has employees, also if it is true, but you can try to do it yourself. In this way, a person focuses on something and brings out its inner workings. Knowing something does not automatically mean you can use it. You have to hire people who specialize in hiring a marketing and sales company to do their job, and that’s right too.

Search Engine Optimization Data

It depends on search engine optimization data, three things that are mediated, and talked about. A variety of people would focus on products or their services if all three were used effectively. All the information that is spoken of in any way, in any form, is to be understood as content. It can be a film or a composition, and it must be described in detail. The search engine is the channel of.

Social Media Helps Business Ranking

keyboardGoogle is a channel other than the basic and most used. To have the possibility to increase the sum, it must be in the ranking of the search results page. Social media have it’s a tool that helps redirect an increasing amount of traffic to your pages. If handled correctly, it can take control of your business and may not provide you with many benefits.

It has evolved when all these aspects of advertising can be achieved and managed. The results may be to your advantage if all features work. Everything should work, earn, and create. Or check your options for inbound advertising.…

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music tape

Simple Ways To Promote Your Music

Are you paying to hear recorded music? Those days are over. Nowadays, listening to your songs only takes a few taps or clicks, which does it mean that musical artists will probably run out of money? Well, not really.

If you’re a musician and you want to promote your songs, You need to adapt to the music industry and supply scene. We’ll show you some of these approaches to the market and promoting your and music monetizing your music.

music is life

Sell Your Music at Live Shows

Remember to inform your listeners when you have documents that are on the list. Don’t forget to remind them that they can buy this record on the market. Try to organize some parade contest. Give two or three people a promotional gift from the listeners who register for your entrance. Remember to remind your audience that they can buy the ticket.

Try to Make a Website


You are aware that the merit is in the benefits and suggestions if it appears in the places. Do not hesitate to ask the website owners for the advertising of the shows, as well as a donation for the operation.

This way you can earn some money, as most customers will come to enjoy the songs they want to promote, but not only to enlarge your screen.

Avoid Massive Labels

listening to musicThanks to their melodies, they could not be distributed only by any artist. To ensure that you publish your music on online music applications, this will most likely make your music accessible to your fans. Of course, you shouldn’t expect any royalties, but it will give you a way to promote your music and increase your fan base.

Remember that creating playlists is essential in this musical age. Your music will be available for free to users who have not heard of you or your music. And they will buy your records, buy your music along with tickets on your screens.

 Choose Reliable Fans

Last but not least, you must remember that it must not be a matter of money. Ultimately, it should be about your fan base. You’ll be supported by your most avid fans, who will have fun and enjoy your songs. Make sure you make connections by talking to each other through the media. Remember that there will be a few.…

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Benefit of public transportation

Benefit of public transportation

With a lot of increase in global warming, we need all hands on deck to find working solutions, both long and short term. Some of the best solutions we have seen so far include the use of renewable energy and introduction of engines that are more efficient. However, one other solution that seems to be overlooked a lot is reducing the number of fuel powered vehicles on our roads.

In developed countries like the US and UK, the majority of the public have personal vehicles, compared to developing nations. However, everyone still manages to get to where they want in both countries. This is where public transportation comes in.

Here are some of the common modes of public transportation

-Taxi (Shared)
-Trolleys and light rail
-Commuter trains
-Cable cars
-Ferries and water taxis

Advantages of public transportation

AffordableBenefit of public transportation

In general, public transportation is much cheaper, which is beneficial to the consumers. Compared to fueling your vehicle, and moving from point A to B, you can use public transportation, a bus or van, and pay a fraction of what it cost to fuel the car. The main idea of public transportation is sharing resources, and that enables the whole operation to be affordable.

Better for the environment

When you use public transportation, it means that there are lesser cars on the roads, hence lesser emissions into the environment, and slowed down global warming. This is a short term solution, but none the less good for the environment.

Good for health

Global warming doesn’t only affect our environment; it also affects our health. If we can reduce the number of vehicles on the road, it means that less harmful fumes will the going into the air, hence fresh air for everyone to breathe. This will reduce health complications and illnesses that affect the breathing system, both for humans and animals.

Reduces road accidents

Most traffic accidents are usually caused by personal vehicles. This is because most public vehicle drivers are professionally trained, and take their jobs seriously. So, if more people start using public transportation, the number of accidents will significantly drop and make the roads much safer.

Reduces road congestion

Nobody likes traffic, and the reason why we have so much traffic is that everyone is driving. Imagine people in a bus that carries 60 passengers versus all the 60 passengers driving their vehicles. You can tell that the bus helps reduce road congestion by a lot.

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Buying furniture for your home

No home is complete without furniture, imagine how awkward that would be. Furniture is necessary; besides, it plays a huge role in making your home unique and comfortable. Be it a dining table, or a lawn chair, you will certainly be shopping for furniture. In this post, we will be looking at some of the basic furniture, and some general tips to help you buy the best.

Must have basic furniture

Before we look at some tips to help you get the best furniture, here are some of the basic furniture that you should have in your home.


A couch or a full sofa set is a must to ensure that your home is comfortable. They also serve as the perfect place for your guest or friends to sleep on when they visit you.

Coffee table

By all means, make sure that you get a coffee table. As the name suggests, you will need a place to serve, especially your guests, some coffee. Also, as it is not limited to just coffee, it is the perfect furniture to serve other foods too. Simply put, you will need a coffee table.

Dining table and chairs

Particularly for a family home, a dining table and chairs is a must have. This is simply self-explanatory. Especially if you have kids, it is important that they have a place to eat from, where they can be messy and free to eat.


To keep your home organized, you have to make sure that you have enough bookshelves to store all your books. This is also a good system to ensure that all your books are easily accessible.

Stand for TV

Given that a TV is a must have for every modern home, it is crucial to have a stand for it. This will ensure that it is easily viewable and safely positioned.

What to look for when buying furniture


The design of every furniture should be carefully examined to make sure that it is brilliant, and will not look out of place when placed in a room.


Be realistic with colors, make sure that it matches other furniture in your home.


furnitureThe first thing that you have to look for is a material that is durable and well treated. Given that most furniture is made of wood, it is crucial that you get hardwoods. Treatment is necessary because even after the wood has been converted into a finished good, it can still be consumed by some pests.…

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Bruce Anderson: Liar Unlimited

Liar Unlimited

 Liar Unlimited

The lurid history of Bruce Anderson and
the Anderson Valley Advertiser

Cartoon by Fred Harper

By Mike Sweeney

Imagine my surprise when I noticed the December 31, 2003 issue of the Anderson Valley Advertiser – as interesting as the beautiful frogtown lofts savannah. Spread across the front page was a giant headline, “I was a Communist for the FBI,” followed with, “By Mike Sweeney as told to Bruce Anderson.”

Since I hadn’t spoken to Bruce Anderson for five years, and then only long enough to hang up the phone, it was apparent that he was attempting yet another shameless hoax. The phony first-person article went on and on for thousands of words, presenting an intricate first-person fantasy that had me “confessing” to about a dozen felonies. Nowhere in the paper was there a hint that the article was contrived by Bruce Anderson himself without the slightest input from me or the slightest connection to reality.

Apparently, the impact of this brazen hoax article failed to meet Anderson’s hopes. So he produced another one the following week, under banner headline, “I bombed Judi Bari,” again with the attribution, “By Mike Sweeney as told to Bruce Anderson.” And again not a hint that the article and its lurid details were made up out of thin air.

Still unsatisfied, Anderson struck again the following week with “Judi Bari Tells All,” prefaced with an “Editor’s Note” claiming Judi Bari, through her executor Darlene Comingore, left him the following letter with a “strict instruction that it not be made public until five years after her death.” Naturally, Judi did no such thing, and neither did Judi ever say, believe or do what was attributed to her in the fabricated article that followed.

The reaction to this tripled-headed hoax was predictable. The legitimate media studiously ignored him, as did long-time residents of Mendocino County who knew Bruce Anderson’s habits. Some of his gullible readers, however, actually took the articles at face value, and became quite excited until more sober folks illuminated for them Bruce Anderson’s bizarre 20-year history of hoax, lies and insults.

Bruce Anderson’s weekly inventions are the main feature of his Anderson Valley Advertiser , which is a kind of small-time National Enquirer without the photos. The Anderson Valley Advertiser was an innocent country weekly until 1984, when Anderson bought it and turned it into an opinion journal. He explained: “I’ve always viewed the newspaper as a political weapon.” (Los Angeles Times 2/14/96).

Almost immediately, Anderson provoked an advertiser boycott in the small town of Boonville, the hub of rural Anderson Valley in Mendocino County. Outraged local residents made an effort to start a competing Anderson Valley newspaper designed to take away his local readership. The Anderson Valley Advertiser (AVA) survived by cultivating subscriptions throughout Northern California and beyond from people who liked off-beat political attacks, clever insults, and outrageous gossip.

For decades, Anderson has shown he will deliberately lie in order sell papers, settle scores, or just abuse people for his own pleasure. And when the printed word has proven to be an inadequate weapon, he has resorted to threats of violence and actual physical assault.

The key to the AVA’s survival has been to attract attention—any attention, by any means necessary, including just making things up.

The first big hoax hit on February 3, 1988, when Anderson published a long front-page interview with local Congressman Doug Bosco. To give the “interview” more credibility, it was represented as a transcription of a tape recorded session with David Yepson, a prominent reporter with the Des Moines Register.

The phony interview quoted Congressman Bosco as insulting his own constituents who opposed offshore oil drilling. They were “mostly a bunch of easily stirred-up know-nothing malcontents who couldn’t care less about anything other than their beautiful ocean and where their next joint is coming from,” Bosco was quoted. The interview contained numerous other insults and …

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