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The History of Tanos

For those who have watched The Avengers movie sequels, might already familiar with a character named Tanos. He is described with his divine power and almost unbeaten. many people are left in curiosity with questions such as who is Tanos?, where is he from?, why is he so powerful? and many more. This article will help you know him better.

Who Is Tanos?

thanos fight

Tanos is Mentor’s son, the Titan eternal. Mentor was known Alars, Zuras’ intelectual brother. Zuras is the leader of all of the Eternals on Earth. After their father, Kronos, was taken to virtual Godhood in a cosmic accident, Zuras left Alars alone. Alars went exploring the galaxy and then settled onto the hollow moon of Saturn named Titan. With his collegue, Sui San, he built a new civilization.

They both had two sons, Eros and Tanos. Eros was fair. On the other hand, Tanos, who was born with a gene disorder and appeared different from all of the Titans. Tanos was left alone and distant and made up a philosophy of death and nothingness. Tanos grew bigger and stronger. Then, Titan punished and exiled Tanos for creating a deadly weapon in a peaceful society.

After he had left Titan, he just grew and became notorious. When he returned to Titan hundreds of years later, he even committed a massacre by murdering thousands, including his own mother.

Mentor knew his son was dangerous and petitioned Kronos to take him down. He used his might to create a being composed from an earth man’s soul and the earth. This being was indestructible and was named Drax the Destroyer. Drax was ordered for only one thing: Killing Tanos.

Why Is Tanos Dangerous?

The Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, and Drax the Destroyer are Tanos’ four biggest obstacles. Every time he comes up with a scheme, unfortunately all of these heroes have been taken down by Tanos, leaving Captain Marvel alone as the only who managed to escape from death.

Since he returned from Death, Tanos had gained a number of small victories by waging campaigns. As he realized that he has become omnipotent, Tanos concluded that the only way he could feel almighty of that power is to do it the rude way. Each victory he has had has been vital and decisive.

It took centuries for Tanos to build up his body and mind. His strength is incredibly out-standing. And he has the charisma to command his huge armies to do all what he tells them to do. The armies worship him as the Almighty God.

The thing about Tanos to remember is that he is not only physically powerful opponent, but also an ingenius as well as rude schemer who will never stop before he achieves his goals.


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