Benefit of public transportation

Benefit of public transportation

With a lot of increase in global warming, we need all hands on deck to find working solutions, both long and short term. Some of the best solutions we have seen so far include the use of renewable energy and introduction of engines that are more efficient. However, one other solution that seems to be overlooked a lot is reducing the number of fuel powered vehicles on our roads.

In developed countries like the US and UK, the majority of the public have personal vehicles, compared to developing nations. However, everyone still manages to get to where they want in both countries. This is where public transportation comes in.

Here are some of the common modes of public transportation

-Taxi (Shared)
-Trolleys and light rail
-Commuter trains
-Cable cars
-Ferries and water taxis

Advantages of public transportation

AffordableBenefit of public transportation

In general, public transportation is much cheaper, which is beneficial to the consumers. Compared to fueling your vehicle, and moving from point A to B, you can use public transportation, a bus or van, and pay a fraction of what it cost to fuel the car. The main idea of public transportation is sharing resources, and that enables the whole operation to be affordable.

Better for the environment

When you use public transportation, it means that there are lesser cars on the roads, hence lesser emissions into the environment, and slowed down global warming. This is a short term solution, but none the less good for the environment.

Good for health

Global warming doesn’t only affect our environment; it also affects our health. If we can reduce the number of vehicles on the road, it means that less harmful fumes will the going into the air, hence fresh air for everyone to breathe. This will reduce health complications and illnesses that affect the breathing system, both for humans and animals.

Reduces road accidents

Most traffic accidents are usually caused by personal vehicles. This is because most public vehicle drivers are professionally trained, and take their jobs seriously. So, if more people start using public transportation, the number of accidents will significantly drop and make the roads much safer.

Reduces road congestion

Nobody likes traffic, and the reason why we have so much traffic is that everyone is driving. Imagine people in a bus that carries 60 passengers versus all the 60 passengers driving their vehicles. You can tell that the bus helps reduce road congestion by a lot.