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Simple Ways To Monetize And Promote Your Music

Even though there are still those who are not ready to admit it, the days of paying to hear recorded music are all but over. To hear some music these days, all we have to do is make a few taps or clicks. But, does that mean music artists are going to be left without a dime? Well, not quite.

If you are a musician, who wants to promote their music to the level of Rihanna’s, one of the best selling artists of the 21st century, you will simply have to adapt to the modern landscape of music industry and distribution. To help you out with that, we will show you some of the best and most intuitive ways to promote and monetize your music.

Monetizing your music

Sell your music at live shows

When performing live your newest recordings, don’t forget to tellKNDSKVLNLAKNDVLKNASLDKVNASLKDNVLKASDNVLKSANDV your audience which album those recordings are on. Also, make sure to remind them that they can purchase that album right there on the spot. For an even more lucrative move, try to make some contests. For example, you should promise an album giveaway for the first couple of people from the audience that sign up on your email list. Once you get your contest winners, don’t forget to remind your audience that they can still purchase your album right there.

Try to get the venue to promote your value

If you regularly perform at places such as local coffee shops, which typically do not pay their performers, you probably know that the main income there comes from sales and tips. With this in mind, don’t hesitate to ask the venue owners to promote a minimum suggested donation for your musical performance, as well as other performances. This will not only promote your show but also allow you to make some money as the majority of patrons will come to enjoy music at their favorite coffee shop, to support the performing artists.

Avoid big labels

Due to the digital music boom that took place a few years ago, pretty much any music artist can distribute their music, not only those that have contracts with big labels. As a result, you don’t have to split your royalties or spend your entire promotion budget. To do this efficiently, make sure to post your music on major online music platforms, such as Apple Music or iTunes. This will make your music available to your fans, wherever they may be. Of course, you should not expect any significant royalties, but it will nevertheless give you a means of promoting your music and slowly growing your fan base in an organic way.

Also, don’t forget that making playlists is crucial in this modern digital music era. The online platforms we mentioned earlier will recommend your music even to those users who have never heard about you or your music before. And, these users will most likely become your fans, who will purchase your albums, buy tickets for your shows, as well as stream your music.

Establish a strong fan base

jskadbvkjaskdbvkjasbdvjkabsdvjbkasjbvkjasdvasLast, but not least, remember that money should not be your primary concern. Instead, it should be your fan base. Your hardcore fans will truly love your music and fully support you in pretty much any way they can. Therefore, make sure to establish strong relationships with them, by talking with them via social media or meeting them face-to-face. Keep in mind that without your fans, there will be no one who will buy your albums, as well as concert tickets.…

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